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Friday, May 7, 2010

To run, or not to run...

Typically we go to our dad for advice regarding different situations and scenarios throughout our lives. Sometimes we may rebel, shying away from his words of wisdom because of immaturity or utter stupidity. On Monday night, Steve Consalvi called his dad for advice and ran with it, literally.

During the eighth inning of the Phillies home game, Consalvi asked his dad, “Dad, can I run on the field?” His dad responded, “I don't think you should, son.” Honestly, I’m a bit surprised that he did provide his son with the correct response, considering they are from Philly. Regardless, Consalvi stood from his seat, jumped the barrier, and ran on to the playing field of Citizens Bank Park (home stadium of the Phillies).

Relishing in the moment, Consalvi ran wild, waving his Phillies towel in joy. As he sprinted through the outfield, Consalvi dodged and juked in an OJ Simpson-esque manner (with tacklers and law enforcement). As was with OJ, Consalvi couldn’t escape the inevitable ending.

But the tactic of how Consalvi was captured was the most intriguing aspect. Consalvi was shot with a taser-gun, laying him out in shock on the field. Security quickly stood him up and walked him off the field in handcuffs.

Consalvi, 17, was not intoxicated leading up to or during the escapade. He was not injured from the fall or the shock of the taser.

He will be charged with criminal trespassing and other related offenses.

In our world today, we must be prepared for anything. In 2002, two fans ran onto the field and attacked the Kansas Royals first base coach Tom Gamboa. The Royals, not security, were first to come to their coach’s defense. They quickly detained the two men till security was present.

What if these guys had a weapon? What if they seriously hurt or even killed Gamboa? This is unacceptable and should not be tolerated. To prevent this from happening, leagues and teams must do whatever is necessary protect the players and coaches on the field.

Before every game at every stadium and arena, regardless of the sport, the public addressor provides a team policy along the lines of the following, “Please do not come on to the playing field for any reason. If any fan(s) does not abide by team policy, the fan(s) will be prosecuted to the extent of the law.” And in case you didn’t hear the announcement, the following statement is made known on the gigantic video-screen to be read.

So should tasing be permitted in future instances? The answer is YES. By running on the field, you know what will happen. Usually you’re tackled by a security guard and charged immediately. But if tasing is necessary to stop the stupidity, then so be it. I haven’t been nor do I plan on being tased under any circumstance, but I’ve heard they hurt, a whole lot. They’ll know better next time to even think about acting in such stupidity. And if not, well, they’re idiots. Light ‘em up!

As for Consalvi, what do you expect? He’s from Philadelphia...

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