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Monday, April 12, 2010

The Ultimate victory

Phil Mickelson is a true champion, but not because of the golf tournament he won yesterday. What am I talking about? The Masters is the Super Bowl of golf tournaments; Augusta is the Mecca of golf courses and experiences. But no, Mickelson would trade his third and even his two previously earned green jackets as a Masters champion for one thing, his family.

Throughout the past year, Mickelson’s wife Amy has battled breast cancer. Although she immediately underwent major surgery and has been through intensive treatment, Amy has struggled immensely. Though fighting for her life, she and her family have continued to stay strong through love and faith.

Mickelson played absolutely masterful this past weekend. He was unquestionably the best golfer through 72 holes. His championship performance has become an instant classic. The unimaginable, gutsy shots he took and capitalized on, will be heralded throughout the golf community. But the moment that will last forever, didn’t happen during any of the rounds of play, let alone on the golf course.

Ridden to bed rest, Amy was not expected to make an appearance at Augusta. But on this day, nothing would prevent her from being by her husband's side. After birdying the 18th hole to win the Masters, Mickelson quickly went to his wife and three children. He immediately embraced her, sharing tears of joy. As Mickelson was presented as the 2010 Masters champion, he dedicated his victory to Amy.

No matter if he never wins another golf tournament, Mickelson’s already won. The time he has with his family is the ultimate victory. Amy's prognosis is positive, but she and her family still have an uphill battle ahead of them going forward.

Mickelson is a true champion, and no one will ever take that away from him. Regardless if you are a golf fan or not, Mickelson’s display of love demonstrates that we must be here in the now by always living in the moment.

This blog is dedicated to my late grandfather, Bob Demirjian. My grandather introduced me to the game of golf and continues to inspire me to be special. I miss you grandpa.

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  1. Fantastic!!!! No matter what happens you always have to remember that family is alway first!!