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Thursday, April 22, 2010

2010 NFL Draft

Tonight is one of the biggest and most popular events in football. Regardless of who your team is, they are participating, looking to improve, building for the now and onward towards the future. The 2010 NFL Draft begins tonight at 8:00pm on ESPN. Are you ready for some football?!

For months, the experts have provided us with hundreds of mock drafts, predicting every possible outcome. The scenarios include trade options of current NFL players, repositioning of teams in the draft or the smoke screens sent up by teams to gain leverage.

The one constant are the top three selections. The St. Louis Rams are poised to finally select their quarterback of the future with former Heisman Trophy winner Sam Bradford from the University of Oklahoma. Over the past two years, the Rams have bypassed several studs such as Matt Ryan, Joe Flacco and Mark Sanchez. As a team selecting number one overall, the entire team needs a makeover, but Bradford will become the centerpiece of the franchise as it begins the rebuilding process. If able to recover from a serious shoulder injury, Bradford has the opportunity to be great. For his sake, the Rams had better draft a couple offensive linemen to protect their new $50 million investment.

The Detroit Lions are still a mess, but are slowly improving. After drafting big armed quarterback Matthew Statford last year, the Lions will now draft defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh from the University of Nebraska. Suh will anchor the Detroit defense for 10-12 years, as some believe he is the most talented prospect in this years draft.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers will round out the top three selections by selecting another defensive tackle, Gerald McCoy from the University of Oklahoma. This is Tampa's opportunity to fill a big hole from within, left by future Hall of Famer Warren Sapp. These two very large men will both have an immediate impact on their respected teams and the rest of the league.

After the first three picks, anything can happen. But there is one draft prospect that you can go ahead and expect guaranteed success. Some might refer to him as the second coming, but he is a quarterback. I predict that Tim Tebow will be a quality NFL starting quarterback, providing not only leadership on and off the field, but superb performance as well.

Throughout Tebow’s legendary career at the University of Florida, which included two national championships and countless awards for his superior play (including a Heisman Trophy), everyone has condemned him to NFL mediocrity. Most have penciled him in as a halfback, tight-end, or a gimmick-player on the next level. But Tebow will not allow nor accept a position change.

Since passing for over 450 yards in his final game with the Gators, With an elongated delivery, Tebow was prone to fumbling. He was also easily read by the defense, resulting in interceptions. Tebow has completely broken down his throwing mechanics, rebuilding himself as a passer. Before this reincarnation of Tebow, an NFL defense would have picked him apart, as they are light-years ahead (faster and smarter in all aspects of the game) of a college defense. Tebow’s new mechanics will limit preventable turnovers, as well as help him effectively read defenses. He has the arm strength to make all the throws necessary to execute an efficient offense.

This will not be an overnight adjustment. Essentially learning how to throw a ball all over again, Tebow must continue to progress or else he won't make it as a NFL quarterback. He is a winner though, and failure is not an option. On every level, Tebow has had doubters, critiquing his every move, stating that he will not succeed. The doubters are back, and I am really excited to see Tebow prove everyone wrong, again.

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  1. Do not think that I'm unaware that you wrote the entire section on Tebow to irritate me, "my friend". As we discussed yesterday, Tebow is NOT AN NFL QB! Case in Point: Gruden saying he has heart and he'll give you his all every day, first one in last one out blah blah blah. He NEVER said anything about his QB abilities! Tebow is the equivalent of the pull out method, sometimes it works and you're a hero...sometimes it doesn't....and you are stuck with a crappy situation for a long time. Long story short, Tebow will be an edition to an NFL team. However,if he is dumb enough to refute any position other than QB, he will look great on that teams sideline. Maybe he can call Adam Sandler and ask for some tips on how to be the best damn waterboy ever.